About Us

Breathing is the essence of life. When it's hard to breathe it can be hard to live. That's why Inhalers Online strives to make sure we have quality medication at affordable prices. We make sure that we have every type of inhaler available to make sure that we have the life-saving products people need.

With a valid prescription our contracted pharmacies can cover your prescription drug needs and can supply you with an over-the-counter option when available. With over 20 years of combined personal experience we are able to make contacts with trusted pharmacies with competitive pricing. We also have detailed product information to inform you on the products you're taking.

We make sure that every order, whether it is online or over the phone, receives the attention and care it deserves. We are approved by CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) which ensures that we comply with all the standards and regulations of the industry.

We specialize in respiratory therapy and our contracted licensed pharmacists are available to answer your questions. We offer the sale of all medications but out focus is on the essential inhaler market to really make sure we can be as competitive as possible in this crucial part of the online pharmacy sector. You're in charge of where your medication is sourced. We want to be a global brand for a global problem.

You can order inhalers, upload your prescription and pay for your medication all on the site. It has SSL encryption and we have a Norton secure shopping guarantee. Not only do we ensure your privacy with your personal medical information, we put extra care to making sure we have the most secure payment options available. You can search the entire catalogue based on your prescription needs and select your preferred country of origin.

Why Choose Inhalers Online?


Best Prices

Our focus is on inhalers so we have taken care to find licensed pharmacy partners with the best prices on safe an effective inhalers


Specialized care

Our Team is focused on making sure that your experience with us is friendly and easy. We have a specialized staff that are well versed in our specific niche


Secure Ordering

Our website and phone orders are handled with privacy and care. We have a secure SSL secured website and protected Norton payments. WE protect your confidential medical information.


CIPA Approved

Don’t work with rogue pharmacies that get medication through unregulated supply chains. We’ve maintained pharmacy partners that meet or exceed the regulations of the industry.


Easy Ordering

We make sure that ordering is easy while still maintaining high standards. You can do everything on site or give us a call to get your refills


Quick Delivery

We ensure your orders are processed promptly with no delay. Shipping options are provided for the fastest possible shipping.