Inhalers Online COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of our daily life. We intend to outline how this affects your orders with Inhalers Online. There are disruptions on global supply chains that may impact our delivery times.

We wish to clarify this and provide updated timeframes on when you can expect your orders to arrive. We appreciate all of our customers and want to keep you informed on how this may change your ordering habits. Your health and safety Is our priority. The most important thing we need to emphasize is that we hope that you will place your refills as soon as possible to avoid missing any doses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Impact of Shipping times?

Due to a lack of commercial air traffic and delays at customs orders can take between 4-8 to arrive once it ships. We are keeping up with feedback we receive to try and update this once we see improvement. We will be offering reshipments or refunds if packages are not delivered after this 8 week period. We are also keeping track of border closures and drug supply issues as well.

Has safety been affected?

Our licensed pharmacy partners are taking enhanced measures to ensure the safety of their staff as well as their products. Proper sanitation, hand washing, masks and social distancing are currently in place.

Studies do not indicate the virus cannot survive the trip from the pharmacy to your home. If you feel you need to take extra precautions, you are encouraged to wipe the box with a disinfectant or alcohol.

What happens when countries close their borders?

There have been instances of countries closing their borders temporarily due to the pandemic. While this is rare, we are able to identify this pharmacy and try to source your order from somewhere else. If you require a specific price point and are willing to wait, we will provide you with updates until we can ship your order from your preferred pharmacy.

Will you increase your prices?

As our pharmacy partners are experiencing increased shipping costs we have had to implement a $6 surcharge as a temporary measure. We will not be charging any additional costs or increasing the prices of the medication. Once our shipping costs go back to normal, or close to normal, we will be removing the surcharge.

What if I run out of medication before I receive my order

While there have been delays, people are still receiving their orders. We cannot guarantee that a reshipment will come before your supply runs out. Often doctors can provide free samples or you can get a short supply in the U.S. We will be happy to transfer your prescription to a local pharmacy to provide a supply until your order arrives.

Should I place my refill order earlier than usual?

We are asking people to order their refills as soon as possible. As we are experiencing delays we do ask that you place your order when you have at least an 8 week supply on hand. Many people are ordering a new 3 months supply once their orders arrive. We are encouraging people to order sooner than usual to avoid missing doses.

Are any other online pharmacies experiencing delays?

All other online pharmacies are experiencing the same issues and delays that we are. We understand that it is frustrating that orders are being delayed, however we are working hard and using all resources available to have orders delivered as soon as possible.