Referral Benefits

Referral Benefits banner

Inhalers Online Customers are the best for sharing their savings experiences with friends and family. We’ve decided that we should reward these efforts with our new referral reward program!

“Share 30 Save 30” means that whenever you refer a friend or family member they get $30 off their first refill. In addition, when their first order ships, you get $30 credit for yourself.

Not only that, you will automatically receive credit for 5% of their total order as well as any subsequent refills. This continues if they refer someone as you get 2.5% of THAT person's orders as well.

You can eventually find yourself swimming in credit. Diligent referrers can potentially fund your entire prescription plan on refills alone due our already low costs! If you prefer you can also get cash back for your credits*

*Minimum $100 credit and there is a $20 administrative fee