Referral Benefits

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Inhalers Online Customers are the best for sharing their savings experiences with friends and family. We’ve decided that we should reward these efforts with our new referral reward program!

“Share 30 Save 30” means that whenever you refer a friend or family member they get $30 off their first refill. In addition, when their first order ships, you get $30 credit for yourself.

Not only that, you will automatically receive credit for 5% of their total order as well as any subsequent refills. This continues if they refer someone as you get 2.5% of THAT person's orders as well.

You can eventually find yourself swimming in credit. Diligent referrers can potentially fund your entire prescription plan on refills alone due our already low costs! If you prefer you can also get cash back for your credits*

How much referral credit could I potentially earn?

We don’t have a limit to how much you can save. Many people take it upon themselves to tell people about us and we want to make sure that you are rewarded for your hard work. The more people you sign up the more you can save.

How do I sign people up?

They can mention that you referred them when they place an order online or over the phone. We will add you as their referrer and add $30 credit on your account when their first order ships.

How do I use my rewards for Inhalers Online orders?

Simply let us know when you place your order over the phone or on the website. We will apply any available credit to your order before applying any other payment.

Can I transfer my credit to a friend or family member's account?

You certainly can up to a maximum of $1000

Can my credit be paid out in cash?

We can send you a check once you have accumulated at least $100. Please be aware there will be a $20 administrative fee associated with this.

Why can’t I cash out less than $100 in credit?

There are fees associated with sending checks internationally. Sometimes banks will charge an additional fee to cash foreign checks. To ensure you are getting the best value for your credit we do recommend simply applying your credit towards your orders.

What do I do if I receive or send a referral code?

The referral code can be entered in the comments section of the order or provided over the phone. That way we know that you referred them and we can add the $30 to your account once their order ships. If you receive a code your credit will be added to your refill with us after your first order ships.

What are the terms and conditions for the referral program?

To receive $30 referral credit, you would need to have an active account with us and your referrals have to let us know that you referred them. Credits cannot be applied to orders that are canceled or returned to us. It is only eligible once it has been shipped. Order under $100 are not eligible for $30 credit.

*Minimum $100 credit and there is a $20 administrative fee