What is Sezzle?

Inhalers Online is dedicated to ensuring that you are always getting the best price for your prescription drugs. Sometimes, people are forced to order month by month rather than saving long-term with a full three month supply. This can affect their treatment outcomes and prevents individuals from enjoying their best quality of life.

This is why we are partnering with Sezzle.

With Sezzle, you can opt to pay for your orders in four, completely interest free, installments. Sezzle accepts all major credit and debit cards. You are still paying our lowest price and can split the payments into four parts to make purchases more manageable. You will no longer have to wait to refill your prescriptions.

With orders being delayed at U.S customs, it is important to refill urgently. With convenient payment methods and lower upfront costs, we are able to get your order shipped sooner; even if you need some time to pay for your order.

Inhalers Online is a Prescription Referral Leader. Not only do we have the lowest guaranteed price and superior customer service, we make sure to have the best tools to serve you better. By utilizing a digital payment platform we are making sure we have the flexibility to make shopping for prescription medication more safe and convenient.

If you have any additional questions, please browse Sezzle's FAQ's here: https://sezzle.com/faq/shopper